Experience + Expertise = Strategic Counsel That Makes A Difference

Sweeney & Associates LLC provides confidential strategic counsel to CEOs and others in key leadership positions, helping build, protect and advance the company’s brand, as well as their own professional image and reputation. Here’s a sampling of our areas of experience, expertise and service:


Issue Management

These days, the ability to manage difficult situations is crucial. You’ve worked hard to build a solid reputation for you and for your company.  Don’t put that reputation at risk. Sweeney & Associates LLC can help you be prepared, and when trouble hits, provide you with valuable advice and guidance that will minimize damage.

Leadership Training and Professional Development

Don’t overlook the importance of having leaders prepared to deal with difficult decisions.  Sweeney & Associates LLC can provide customized training and professional development services tailored to meet the needs of your leadership, with an emphasis on issue management, crisis communications, media relations and brand awareness.

Strategic Planning

Now more than ever, your company’s marketing, communications and public relations functions are crucial to growing and protecting your business.  Through a comprehensive strategic planning process, Sweeney & Associates LLC will make sure you’ve built a roadmap for success. 

Sponsorship and Philanthropy

If you’re like most companies these days, you are inundated with requests for sponsorships and donations.  Sweeney & Associates LLC will review and manage all incoming proposals made to the company for donations, sponsorships, advertising and marketing services and make recommendations for what best suits the needs of your company and its mission.

Contract Manager and Ombudsman

Your company may be engaged with third party firms that manage some or all of your marketing, communications and public relations needs.  You need to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.  Sweeney & Associates LLC will serve as ombudsman for the company, overseeing the implementation of your existing contracts for donations, sponsorships, advertising and marketing services and helping negotiate future engagements as needed.

Executive Search

When it comes to marketing, communications and public relations, making the right hire is crucial.  Sweeney & Associates LLC will help you develop the right job description, build a strong pool of candidates, create an interview process that works, effectively evaluate the candidates and complete a successful hire.

Executive Communications

Sweeney and Associates can help you with key communications with your employees and your customers, create impactful speeches, and assist you in formulating effective presentations