“His skills at issue management always helped the institution think of the right thing to say and do, while also promoting transparency and openness with the media and the community...”

“…No single Badger has had a greater impact on the institution in so many profound ways across sports, media, PR, community affairs, politics, administration and now, alumni and development.  As an alum and UW parent, he has seen and done it all, and he’s done it with passion and class.”

Rebecca Blank

Chancellor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Vince's strategic counsel on communications and issue management was invaluable to me during my time as chancellor at the University of Wisconsin. His judgment, ideas, and character made him an essential guide and trusted colleague."

Biddy Martin

                          President, Amherst College

“During my time as Athletic Director at the University of Wisconsin, Vince was a key contributor to my leadership team. From marketing to communications to a variety of difficult and complex issues, he always provided me with valuable advice and counsel.

 Pat Richter

           Director of Athletics Emeritus, UW-Madison

“I once asked a friend and business leader how he would describe Vince and the work he’d done.  He said most people know that Vince can help people manage difficult situations, and that he can best be described as a “Think Tank for Solutions.”

Sean Cleary

President and CEO, Cleary Building Corp.